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Beejacks School first Sports Day

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

The Beejacks Primary School first inter-house sporting events took place on March 22nd 2019 at the Tombo village playing field.  There were two houses namely, Blue house and Yellow house with sporting camps built around the field.

There were 40 sporting events which the children participated in and certificates were issued to winners of first and second positions respectively. The entire events were peaceful and participants returned to their various homes happily without injuries.  The parents were so cooperative and people were so happy that the outcome of the sporting event was peaceful.

This sporting event has been an eye opener for all those who do not know the existence and location of the Beejacks Primary School and I hope parents will now bring in their kids to the school for higher, better quality education at Beejacks Primary School, EDUCATION IS WEALTH.

The teachers and kids have their various responsibilities, namely teachers are charged with the responsibilities to teach, protect , direct all the good things for the upbringing of the kids, while the children must listen and carry out all instructions given to them by their teachers because the teachers are their second parents.

The Beejacks Primary School at Wallai Tombo belongs to the community of Wallai because the school was built to educate their children and as such they should protect and support the school by all means.

I would like to thank the teachers, the pupils, the community,parents and anyone who left his or her precious time to come and witness the event.  I also like to thank the proprietor. Sponsors and the Beejacks Tombo Foundation (B T F) for their tremendous work by providing the institution and financial support to the school.


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